Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Armani watch ar1400 Review

The armani ar1400 is very beautiful i buy the armani ceramic watch from amazon,it cost 349usd,the price a little high than my thingikng,i prefer 250usd mix,aha.but no problems.-by jack

I buy the armani watch ar1400 from amazon,becouse have a discount with free shipping,then i buy it, 329usd,the quality very good.-by jame

The ceramic armani ar1400 watch for men are nice,i buy from ebay,the shipping little slow,but others ok,nice watch-by hero.

very nice quality and accurating.I love it,my best friend have it too-by spries

Very good,receive it in 2 days from amazon.good ceramic watch,good style,everyone need armani ar1400 watch.–by JONE

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How successful do a leader

How successful do a leader
Every successful man is a leader. Be a leader, this is a decision. You must decide whether you want to be a leader or a follower? How to become a good leader? What do the things what leader?First, the leader set goals,Second, the leader creates organization value.Third, the leaders let everyone involved to find common ideas and mission organization,Fourth, the leaders to do the strategic planning,Fifth, make detailed plans; the leader,Sixth, the leader is a master, he is a very influential people,Seventh, the leaders to be good at communicating, listening, expressing, collect information, are good at learning.These were leaders need to do.
Successful leaders, still need to know how to authorization. All the leaders are successful, because he had great subordinates. The so-called lubricious weak, under no weak army will definitely be there is lubricious. So, if you went to know who you are.

A leader's quality standard for judging, there are two.First of all, the leader is able to continuously to attract good talents to join you,Second, when the leader in this organization performance is good. You are not well, organization, you are great. You better, the organization, organization, you are not bad, you can also, but need to progress.Another example, leaders must constantly pay. The leader must constantly to subordinates, vigorously follower. PraiseThe great cause of complete, first not great, but he can make oneself great, he constantly improve, he is a tough-minded, quickly and has the ability of learners.